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Bella Zadore Girls
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dating 101: Six Things Men Should Have Before You Marry Them

Michelle Knudson, Yahoo! Contributor Network

 You can tell very much about a man by his actions and responses to certain things. Here are six things men should have before you get married.

Motivation To Be Successful in Life

You do not want to be a man that is not motivated to be the best that he can be. You want to know that a man will be a good provider for the whole family now and forever. You need to realize that it is a ton of work for a man to work and go to school while married. You need to emotionally support a man in ways that motivates him to be even further successful in life. It is you and him together as a team so make it work. Successful business owners have enough motivation that is needed in a romance relationship to take care of you too. Successful people are not lazy.

A Home

You want a man that is stable. You want a man that has a home. You don't want to be with a man that has a roommate all the time due to finance troubles. You don't want a man that moves around too much more than one normally does unless he is in the military or something of that sort. You want to be with a man that can provide you with a stable home to live in without needing to move around unless you have certain circumstances in life. For Example, Musicians are often on the road several times through the year

Safe Reliable Vehicle

You need to be with a man that knows that it is important to have a safe and reliable vehicle. You want a man that wants you to have the best car possible that is safe for you and future children. It is important that a man does not control you with tactics such as not allowing you to have a vehicle.

High Paying Job

You need to make sure that he is able to provide for the family. He needs to have a pretty secure job that pays a decent salary. Salary is very important since it dictates the kind of life that you will have with him. You don't want to stay in the poor house forever.

Non Abusive Behaviors

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