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Criadas pela artista plastica Valeria Roncoli, Bella Zadore e uma colecao de 12 personagens para fazer voce pensar, rir e apreciar ser mulher. Explore o mundo de Bella percorra e obtenha dicas de onde ir, oque fazer e como manter sua beleza interior e exterior. Bella Zadore e uma propriedade de Valeria Roncoli Studio.

Bella Zadore Girls

Bella Zadore Girls
Take a moment to meet the women of Bella Zadore.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Laura's Got a Shadow...

Bella Zadore girl, Laura who provides you with Art & Culture happenings in and around the east coast on the Bella website has got a shadow. Her name....Christina Outlaw. Christina is the voice of Laura and brings her to life. Christina and Laura have a lot in common they are both 24 and love Chicago! They are fun loving artists who can't live without music. So it appears that the decision for Christina to help give Laura a voice was the right decision.

Christina works with Valeria Roncoli Studio assisting with the development of the Bella Zadore brand, along with marketing and media management. She is also a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Find out more about Christina and see her portfolio.

Soirees have to be the best kind of Parties...

The November Goddess Soiree was absolutely amazing. We had two fantastic Goddesses who shared great information and kept everyone engaged! The new Bella Zadore Goddess mugs were a hit and our HAT CONTEST was one of the highlights of the evening!

If you missed our Soiree, don't worry we're busy in the studio planning our next few events and we promise to make sure to keep things exciting, fun and interesting. Our Goddesses Wendy Battles, The Clean Eating Coach and Dale Allen of "In Our Right Minds" were absolutely phenomenal. Wendy shared some reasons why clean eating could contribute to bettering our health, mood and overall well-being. Dale gave a preview of her one-woman show "In Our Right Minds", which she performed the following evening. Then we finished the night with our 1st ever HAT CONTEST. We asked all Goddesses to wear the hat that best describes their personality. Our Goddesses really came prepared and had some fantastic stories behind their hats! Then as our guests prepared to take their leave they left with a "Thank You", Bella Zadore favors filled with chocolate candies.

If you don't want to miss out on having a Goddess experience stay tuned to Bella Zadore News for all you updates!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are You “Right” Where You Need to BE?

Our November Goddess, Dale Allen of "In Our Right Minds" is an amazing performer. She brings her years of corporate communications and public speaking to the stage by effortlessly transmitting the message of the Goddess Archetype - a metaphor of right-brain wisdom. According to her show the Goddess Archetype is an innate connection with our feminine side.

The show has been described as emotional, hilarious, inspiring and thought provoking! Dale Allen has visited colleges & universities, women conferences and corporations throughout the country and abroad. We sat Dale down for her Goddess interview on Bella Zadore Radio and we found out what really motivates this trailblazer to travel so many places communicating such a powerful message.In her interview we found out how she got started traveling in her one-woman show and why "In Our Right Minds" is so important to her.

In celebration of being the November Goddess, Dale is selling the DVD of her show for a special offer until November 30.

Get to know our November Goddess and see if you are "Right" where you need to be!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's your chance to be witty and put your creativity to work. Our December "Bella-Talk" Contest, will have our jury of Goddesses select three of the best quotes to be included on Bella Zadore products and advertisements. The writers of these quotes will win a collection of new products before they hit stores. Deadline for submissions, December 31 2009. Winners will be announced in January and will appear on the Bella Zadore site and blog. If you want to exercise your "Bella-Talk" stay tuned...we will announce the start date for accepting submissions.

The Voice of Bella...

She travels to experience other cultures and see the wonders of the world, but not just for fun, it's her job! Jane Rushmore is an international travel and food critic for the New Haven Register and New Haven Advocate. She is also the woman who gave a voice to Bella Zadore. Jane is the writer behind Bella, in December find out just how everything started and how the birth of Bella became a reality.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Doctor is In!

Dr. Mark Carrano is now a "Your Temple" expert. On the Bella Zadore site, "Your Temple" is a page that discusses women health issues and has 'Recipe Tips' by Valencia and 'Exercise Tips' by Mara. Dr. Mark will be schooling all you Goddesses on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Mark also happens to be the only guy on the Bella Zadore Community, he's there to answer specific questions or concerns and he will soon have his own discussion group.

Get to know Dr. Mark at Bella Zadore.