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Bella Zadore Girls

Bella Zadore Girls
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are You “Right” Where You Need to BE?

Our November Goddess, Dale Allen of "In Our Right Minds" is an amazing performer. She brings her years of corporate communications and public speaking to the stage by effortlessly transmitting the message of the Goddess Archetype - a metaphor of right-brain wisdom. According to her show the Goddess Archetype is an innate connection with our feminine side.

The show has been described as emotional, hilarious, inspiring and thought provoking! Dale Allen has visited colleges & universities, women conferences and corporations throughout the country and abroad. We sat Dale down for her Goddess interview on Bella Zadore Radio and we found out what really motivates this trailblazer to travel so many places communicating such a powerful message.In her interview we found out how she got started traveling in her one-woman show and why "In Our Right Minds" is so important to her.

In celebration of being the November Goddess, Dale is selling the DVD of her show for a special offer until November 30.

Get to know our November Goddess and see if you are "Right" where you need to be!

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